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Gallstones are small stones formed in an individual’s gallbladder due to cholesterol, bile pigment and calcium salts. Dr. Srikanth Gadiyaram and his team of specialists are well equipped in diagnosing and treating gallstone conditions either through surgery or laparoscopic treatments. 

Types of Gallstones

There are 3 types of gallstones as listed below:

They are made up of cholesterol and salts and its one of the most common types.

It is mainly caused because of cholesterol. These stones can grow large enough to block the bile ducts.

Gallstones made from bile pigment are usually small but multiple in number.

Symptoms of gallstones:

In most cases gallstones cause no symptoms, however certain symptoms that can be observed are

Investigations for gallstones

Special Investigation order in patients who are suspected to have Bile Duct stones or Gall Bladder Infection.

Specialized Endoscopic test performed in some patients.

Surgical Procedures

Post Surgery Care


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