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Bariatric Surgery


Bariatric surgery is done to help patients who are experiencing excessive weight. The treatment is conducted to help them lose weight in order to lower medical  risk , or health conditions like:

Common Conditions

Please understand that bariatric surgery is not for everyone who is overweight.  There are certain medical criteria that need to be met for any patient to undergo this procedure. This procedure is recommended only when weight loss through diet and exercise fails to show results.

Types of Bariatric Surgery:

 Bariatric surgeries work in different ways, at times by restricting the amount of food that the stomach can hold or by reducing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients or a combination of the two. 

The more commonly practiced Bariatric Surgeries are:

Our team of experts will advise you on the right kind of surgery recommendations by studying and understanding your medical history. It is very important that you consult experts to get the right kind of treatment that will cure your ailment the right way.


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