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Quality Medical Facilities

Our team at Sahasra are well equipped to diagnose and treat any type of ailment ranging across an array of gastrointestinal, colorectal, pancreas and liver diseases. Listed below are our diagnostic facilities and Therapeutic Services offered at Sahasra Hospital.

Service by Speciality

Therapeutic Services

It is basically treatment and care extended to patients for preventing and combating diseases or ailments as well as managing specific problems. Services extending under this category at Sahasra are as below


We are specialists in treating ailments related to the digestive system like the oesophagus, stomach, intestines, liver, biliary tract and pancreas.

General Surgery

For decades, we have treated ailments of the alimentary canal and abdominal contents, so we have a wealth of experience diagnosing and treating them.

Laser proctology

With experienced doctors and advanced equipment, we are equipped to treat diseases related to the colon, anus and rectum via laser application.

Onco Surgery

Our team of doctors are specifically trained for procedures for diagnosing, determining the stage and removing cancerous growths.

Vascular Surgery Interventional

Specializing in minimally invasive techniques guided by radiological imaging like fluoroscopy, CT or ultrasound


Radiologists on our team have experience in diagnostic radiology and interventional radiology, and they treat patients with perfection.


Special care has been extended to gynaecology which involves the treatment of women’s ailments related to the reproductive organs.


Our Urologists specialize in focusing on medical conditions of male and female urinary track systems and suggesting treatments.

Gastrointestinal Surgery

Holding expertise in treating ailments involving esophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum, liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

Colorectal Surgery

Having performed the treatment of various pathologies such as ulcerative colitis, Crohn's disease, mechanical obstruction, etc.

Pancreas, Biliary and Liver Surgery

Having pioneered with world class treatments our doctors display great success ratio in treating these ailments.

Day Care Laparoscopy

Our trained laparoscopic surgeons perform surgeries using world-class equipment facilitating minimum pain and quick healing.

Single Incision Laparoscopic

With experienced doctors and advanced equipment we excel the treatment of single incision laparoscopy.


What our client say

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Underwent gallbladder surgery at Sahasra hospital ten days back. In this regard I sincerely thank Dr Srikanth who is exceptionally good in all respects. When visited for consultation, had lot of doubt's and confusions regarding my gallbladder and abdomen, but Dr gave his own time in explaining everything in datail which really put me into comfort zone. Dr Srikanth is excellent in his profession and diagnosis is simply admirable. Dr Srikanth is supported by other doctor's who are also of same frequency. Post-operatve care was good, which was taken care of qualified nuse and other staff. My regards to all other staff,specially reception area who are very supportive and responsive to all patients visiting hospital.

Prem Sarji Our Client

I had to undergo laproscopic abdominal cyst removal surgery. And just after one consultation with Dr Srikanth, I was comfortable to get the surgery done as soon as possible. It was an easy process. And all the doctors were helpful and kept checking on me through out my stay. Praveen at the reception was of great help too. He made sure everything was taken care of. Very satisfied with the results. One of the best parts were, they didn't try to scam us with unnecessary additional payments unlike the other hospitals I had been to before Sahasra. They didn't even force me to stay in the hospital for longer. The minute I was able to walk in two days, they prepared for my discharge. Definitely recommend.

Sarvajagath S Our Client

This was the best way to start the year simply because my wife was to undergo a surgery and we had this done at the best hospital with highly specialized equipment for a residual gall bladder stone removal surgery with minimal incesions . The first hospital insisted this has to be done as an open surgery , Thank God we landed at Sahasra . Dr CS Rajan is know to us and he referred us to Dr Srikanth G at SAHASRA Hospital he performed the surgery with much success and guess what he showed us the full visual of the surgery which gave us so much confidence Post surgery the team of Nurses were very polite and concerned they helped my wife stand and walk a few steps the same eveing of the surgery . Dr Srikanth you're the Best ,Thanks so much.

Neal Royan Our Client

I went to Sahasra Hospital Jayanagar with acute pain in the gallbladder. Firstly Doctor relieved me from the pain in 30 minutes by giving medicines. Doctor was kind enough to clear all the misconceptions regarding the removal of gallbladder.. Next day I underwent a surgery for the gallbladder removal. In just 1 week I am fit and fine, Back to my normal life. I am able to eat whtever I like, Also I have minimal scars on my body because Doctor did the surgery using advanced laparoscopic method. I have to thank all the Nurses in the hospital for being so kind and caring. Thank you Dr. Srikant for relieving me from the pain I was going through. May God make you help many others suffering like me.

Rashmi Daniel Our Client

I had to under go a Intestine Stricture removal surgery in late Oct'20. Meet Dr Srikanth and he has gone through details patiently and provided suggestion initially. Few weeks later I had to admit and relook at our decision and go ahead with surgery with short notice. He is highly skilled and my 5 day stay at hospital is a easy one able to recover very quick than I thought. He also had Gastro medicine Dr Kiran to support for all non surgical issues. It is just because of the Dr's skill and empathy towards patients I could see many patients are getting benefited. Thank you very much sir for your patience and guidance through out the time.

Srinivas Palukuru Our Client

I got the reference of the hospital through a friend, for getting the gall bladder removed for my mother. I am extremely glad and thankful that we went there. Dr Srikanth is an exceptional doctor/surgeon who explained the entire process in great detail so that we are comfortable with the surgery. His follow up post the surgery was also immaculate. My mother has fully recovered, and we couldn't be happier!! Would like to thank Dr Srikanth and the entire team at Sahasra Hospital for doing an outstanding job.

Nitin Kumar Our Client

Visited this hospital for the gall stones removal surgery after consulting many other top hospitals in Bangalore.This place gives you best service at the best price.Surgeons are highly qualified and super friendly.Staff is very courteous and are present round the clock.You actually don't need any relative by your side to look after you because the nurses monitor everything on their own without any reminders.

Priya Rajkiran Singh Our Client

Hello to Bangaloreans. I would like to share my experience with Sahasara Hospital. I was diagnoised with Gallbladder stones. The minute my GP told it has to be surgery ,i had no two thoughts. With recommendation from a dear friend i headed straight to Sahasara. The rest was a smooth journey for which i have to be thankful to Dr. Srikanth and team. Ones i stepped into the hospital i was sure i was in safe hands and in a safe place. Thank you Dr. Srikanth and team.

Jyothi Anuradha Kichappa Our Client

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