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Abdominal Wall Reconstruction:


Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is an advanced surgical procedure that strengthens a weakened or damaged abdominal muscle and restores the normal function of the abdominal wall. It is a procedure recommended for patients with advanced hernias and requires specialized surgical expertise. 

Who needs abdominal wall reconstruction: Our Doctors with more than 2 decades of experience will analyze your condition before they recommend any such procedure. This procedure may be recommended for patients who experience the following:

How to Prepare:

Pre-procedure instructions will be given to the patient before surgery personally by our medical team. It might be recommended that the patient observes a fast and does not eat or drink anything 6-8 hours prior the surgery. There will be different set of instructions for patients who consume alcohol or smoke. 

Additionally, patients who are already undergoing medication should also keep the doctor informed of their medical history so that the doctor advises on the preparation accordingly. Certain medications can affect the body’s ability to clot blood, which can lead to complications during and/or after surgery. Hence it is important you keep the doctor well informed to avoid any such complications.


How is Abdominal Wall Reconstruction done:

Depending on the complexity of the diagnosis, this procedure can take 2 to 6 hours to complete. The procedure is performed through one long incision in the lower abdomen where our doctors will access the wound. The surgeon will reshape the abdominal tissues by carefully separating all the layers of the abdominal wall and sliding them into their natural position. These structures may be reinforced using surgical mesh in order to support and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

Post Care:

Patients are required to stay in the hospital for approximately 5 days following abdominal wall reconstruction, depending on the overall health of the patient as well as the extent of the surgery performed. Patients can typically return to daily activities within 2 to 5 weeks and regular exercise about 6 weeks after the procedure. It is important to adhere to all postoperative instructions as well as schedule and attend all necessary follow-up appointments to observe recovery pace.


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