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Peptic Ulcer

Peptic ulcers develop on the stomach and upper small intestine mucous membrane. A stomach ulcer is a lesion that develops in the lining of the stomach, leading to an open sore. Pepsin is a digestive enzyme in the stomach that can leak into the duodenum. These juices play a significant role in peptic ulcer disease […]

Robotic surgery for colorectal cancer

Robotic surgery has revolutionized minimally invasive surgery to provide ease, precision, and organ preservation and is both patient and surgeon-friendly. Robotic resections for colorectal cancer are becoming the new norm in many colorectal surgery facilities worldwide. Sahasra Hospitals, Jayanagar in collaboration, now does Robotics Surgery procedures in Bangalore. Senior Consultant Surgical Gastroenterologist, Dr Srikanth Gadiyaram […]

Rectal Cancer

Rectal Cancer The incidence of Rectal cancer is increasing in our country. Rectal cancer and colon cancer are often grouped and called colorectal cancer. Rectal and colon cancers have similar characteristics, but their treatments differ greatly. This is mainly because the rectum is located in the narrow confines of the pelvis related closely to other […]

Hernia Surgery

What is Hernia? When contents of a cavity (eg, abdominal cavity) protrude through a weak area (in the abdominal wall), the result is a hernia. Is Hernia Surgery necessary? Hernias have the potential to enlarge and result in prolonged discomfort or obstruction of contents. Discomfort or heightened pain may be experienced during physical exertion, coughing, […]

Bariatric Surgery

Is Bariatric Surgery the only assured weight loss strategy in Morbid Obesity?  Weight Loss surgery Weight loss Surgery is Also known as Bariatric Surgery. To help you lose weight, this procedure includes making adjustments to your digestive system. This helps people with obesity to lose weight. For patients for whom various weight loss techniques did not work, […]

Liver Tumors

Liver Tumors

The liver helps in breaking down and storing nutrients produces clotting factors, and metabolizes alcohol, drugs, and toxins. Liver tumors are abnormal growths in the liver. Benign tumors can cause health problems and Malignant tumors in the liver can spread to nearby tissue or other parts of the body. There are various liver tumors and […]

Abdominal Wall Reconstruction

Abdominal wall reconstruction

Abdominal wall reconstruction surgery is a complex surgical technique to address a weakened or damaged abdominal muscle. This procedure aims to restore the normal function of the abdominal wall by strengthening it. The procedure is commonly recommended for patients with advanced hernias and necessitates the skills of a specialized surgeon.In the complex system of the […]


An Esophagectomy is a surgery done for esophageal cancer to remove the esophagus (food pipe). This surgery restores eating ability by removing damaged tissue and reconstructing the digestive system. Surgeons can remove the esophagus and nearby lymph nodes through the chest or abdominal incisions. This operation is being done at Sahasra Hospitals using minimally invasive techniques.  What is the procedure […]

Acid Reflux Surgery

It is a surgical treatment where a surgeon accesses the body’s interior components through the skin. The surgeon will make one large incision in the abdomen. A catheter may be inserted into the abdomen to stabilize the stomach wall and may be removed in one week. 2. Laparoscopic Surgery The surgeon will make 3-5 small incisions […]



Jaundice is a condition in which skin color turns yellowish. It happens when an excess amount of bilirubin circulating in the blood dissolves in the subcutaneous fat i.e., the layer just beneath your skin. This causes the yellowish discoloration of the skin. Causes An underlying medical condition that increases bilirubin production or hinders liver clearance […]


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