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Bile Duct Stones

Bile Duct Stones

Bile duct stones are gallstones transported from the gall bladder into the bile duct and get stuck there.

What is Bile Duct

Bile duct is a plumbing that connect the liver to the intestine and that carries the bile produce from the liver to the intestine.

What Are Bile Duct Stones?

Bile duct stones/ gallstones are hardened clumps of bile materials in the gallbladder.

It can be as small as grains and as big as a ping pong ball.

Who Are at Higher Risk?

  1. Women between 20-60
  2. Men above 60+ years
  3. People who go on crash diets to lose weight

Symptoms Of Bile duct stones

In most people, bile duct stones are asymptomatic and lead a very everyday life

  1. Severe and sudden Pain: – Some people have sudden pain in the right upper side of the abdomen near the ribs. Sometimes the pain may also radiate toward the back and shoulder.
  2. Jaundice – Yellowing of your skin and eyes is caused due to hindrance in the liver function due to obstruction caused by gallstones
  3. Fever
  4. Nausea / Vomiting
  5. Change in your bowel movements.
  6. Pancreatitis – Swelling/ Inflammation of the pancreas due to the obstruction of gallstones which blocks the flow of pancreatic enzymes to the small intestine.

How Is It Detected

  1. Ultrasound Test: – Initially this test is done as soon as you come to the hospital with abdominal pain. Even though this test doesn’t give an obvious picture of bile duct
  2. MRCP (Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography)

This is a non-invasive technique and like an MRI gives a detailed picture of your Bile duct

  1. ERCP: (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography)

If the doctor is sure about your gallstone that this technique might be very helpful

Is a little bit invasive technique

Uses both x-ray and endoscopy to detect gallstone

A tiny camera is passed through your throat towards your bile duct and a special fluorescent dye is injected and an x-ray is taken to know the exact location of gallstones

The doctor will be able to remove the stone as well during this procedure.

Under the direction of highly regarded Dr. Srikanth Gadiyaram, M.Ch., the best pancreatic and gall bladder surgeon in and around Bangalore with 20+ years of experience, we at Sahasra Hospitals assist you in both evaluation and appropriate treatment for gall stones.

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