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What to Expect After a Colonoscopy


Colonoscopy is a screening procedure that is performed to ease the diagnosis procedure for medical ailments of the large intestine, colon, and rectum. It is an endoscopic procedure and is very accurate in the diagnosis of polyps, cancerous tumours, inflammation, or other asymptomatic abnormalities that may have gone undiagnosed in other examination tests.

In this procedure, a long but flexible tube is inserted into the rectum. This tube has a tiny camera attached to one tip that enables the gastroenterologist to see everything inside and identify anything unusual. Doctors can also take samples for further examination. For some patients, doctors are also able to remove any abnormal tissues.

In this blog today, we are here to answer the most commonly asked questions about colonoscopy. Read till the very end as this will help you prepare well for the procedure :

How long is the hospital stay for a colonoscopy?

We use a sedative to perform the colonoscopy procedure. Once the procedure is done, you must wait for at least an hour to recover from the sedative. It is advised for you to stay at the hospital for this brief time interval.

As the sedative begins to wear off, you can leave for home but it takes up to 24 hours for you to recover fully from the sedation. You must take a day off from your work and avoid doing any strenuous activity in this time period.

Can I drive back home on my own after a colonoscopy?

As the sedative doesn’t wear off completely when you leave the hospital, it is recommended you have someone else drive you back home. We don’t proceed with the colonoscopy procedure until and unless you’ve made arrangements to either go back home or choose to stay in the hospital for the next 24 hours.

Is there any pre-colonoscopy diet to be followed?

We may advise some special diet to a few patients. Unless otherwise specified to you, there is no special diet that you’ll have to follow before underdoing colonoscopy.

Also, there is no diet to be followed after the procedure. You can continue to eat your regular meals right after colonoscopy. There may be minor bloating or slight pain in the abdomen. There are normal symptoms and don’t usually last for long.

Are there any side effects of colonoscopy?

Some patients may experience stains of blood in their stool after the colonoscopy procedure. This is nothing to worry about. Other common post-colonoscopy symptoms include mild cramping and bloating due to the sensation of having gas. These do not require any medicine or additional treatment.

However, if you experience extreme pain, fever, chills, or rectal bleeding for a long period of time, you must seek medical assistance as a priority.


Colonoscopy is a safe procedure. You don’t experience any pain and there are no major side effects. It is one of the most advanced procedures available today for the diagnosis of medical ailments

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